Food and nutrition industry

Le Grand Marché de Québec
Le Grand Marché de Québec

Québec is a world leader in food and nutrition research. The city’s numerous research centres and institutions of higher learning power the industry and boost business growth. Local agri food entrepreneurs passionate about local, organic food and healthy eating develop and market an abundance of value added products. This synergy drives concerted efforts and initiatives that are moving the industry forward by leaps and bounds.

Food innovation bodies

Québec NUTRI

Food processing and health technology cluster

AG-Bio Centre

Incubator and accelerator supporting the growth of innovative companies

GastronomiQc Lab

The only joint research unit of its kind in North America, with projects that combine science and nutrition and promote Québec cuisine abroad. An initiative of Université Laval and Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ).

Visit Québec International's website to learn more on Québec's food and nutrition industry

Food and nutrition events

  • Recent Advances and Controversies in the Mesurement of Energy Metabolism (RACMEM) - 2022
  • Canadian Nutrition Society Annual Conference (virtual) - 2021
  • 5th International CIGR Conference (Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering - virtual) 2021
  • Colloque international sur la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition à l'heure des changements climatiques 2017
  • International Conference on Polyphenol and Health  2017
  • 8th International Strawberry Symposium 2016
  • International Conference in Engineering and Food 2015
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  • QDa-huile-entete-1920x900.jpg
    Discovering the unique flavour of Québec City’s food and nutrition industry

    Québec City itself is considered by many as a foodie capital of the world. Its fare is backed by its cutting-edge food and nutrition industry.

  • insects flour
    A conference on edible insects in Québec City

    Edibles insects is the topic that will be covered during the International Conference IFW, which will take place in Québec City in June 2022 !

  • QDa_Fraise_Entete_Yves_Desjardins_1400x900
    Explore the fascinating side of an event that’s all about…strawberries?

    The 8th International Strawberry Symposium was held at the Québec City Convention Centre on August 14 to 17, 2016. 

  • Farm in Québec
    5th CIGR International Conference of Agricultural Engineering: Holding a virtual conference

    Discover how a Québec City researcher and professor took less than four months to switch from hosting an in-person conference to virtual event.

  • QDa_BonneEntente_Blog
    Québec: Attractive City for Meetings and Conventions

    Stéphane Godbout is senior researcher at the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR).

  • Le Grand Marché de Québec
    Québec City’s innovations in the food and nutrition industry

    Québec City is renowned for being a food lover's haven. it is also a pioneer in advanced research and innovations in the food and nutrition industry.