Key industries

Québec City's electronics and optics/photonics industrie

Home to Québec’s National Assembly, Québec City is a seat of government with leading industries, cutting edge infrastructure, businesses, research centres, and an ecosystem that fosters economic development. It is a place of higher learning and innovation; a capital city with an entrepreneurial vision. In Québec City, science, knowledge, and innovation combine to open up new niches of specialization and excellence. Its leading industries attract numerous events.

Discover Québec City's key industries

  • La Capitale, insurance services
    Insurance, financial services and business
  • peps, UL, Ulaval
    Green and smart building
  • Québec City's electronics and optics/photonics industrie
    Electronics and optics-photonics
  • Grand marché de Québec
    Food and nutrition
  • QDa-sciences-vie-qc-international-1200x627
    Life sciences and health technologies
  • QDa_cartoon-connection-canada-2015 (1)
    TIC and digital arts

Québec City: key figures

  • Canada’s highest ratio of researchers per capita
  • 5,500 researchers and associates in cutting-edge fields
  • 400 laboratories, research centres and institutes, groups, and consortia and 120 R&D companies
  • 5 universities, including Université Laval, the oldest French-language university in North America
  • 16 colleges and technical institutions and 22 vocational schools and specialized institutes
  • 20,000 new university and college graduates each year
  • 40% of the jobs created over the last 10 years are knowledge-based
  • 52% of the population age 15 to 44 years old is bilingual (English and French)
  • 101 government head offices – 37,000 jobs
  • More than 40 industrial zones and parks in the Québec City CMA
  • Nearly 30 million sq. ft. of technology spaces
  • Over 4,100 companies
Québec City's Ambassadors' Club

Interested in attracting and organizing a conference in Québec City? Want to make your mark in the community and take on a challenge? Québec City's Ambassadors' Club works with local event champions to attract international events to the city. Contact us to learn what we can do for your project.

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At the top of the charts

  • Ranked by fDi magazine as one of the Top 10 American Cities of the Future in five categories: economic potential, business friendliness, cost effectiveness, connectivity, and human capital and lifestyle (2019–2020, fDi intelligence, mid‑sized‑cities category)
  • Ranked Canada’s most attractive city for millennials (2018, Point2home)
  • First in Québec and seventh in Canada for GDP (Conference Board, 2018) 
  • Ranked first for low operating costs among cities with over 100,000 residents in Canada, the U.S., and Europe (KPMG Competitive Choice, 2016) 
  • Top 10 worldwide for its diversified industrial base (Statistics Canada, 2016)
  • Ranked in the Top 7 and Smart 21 of the world’s smartest cities (2012–2014)

Areas of expertise

Québec City is a unique convention destination full of smart, talented, creative, and hard working people. It’s also an innovative university city that boasts a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and the highest concentration of researchers per capita in Canada. Université Laval and its roster of world class research chairs, institutes, and centres offer an exceptional pool of research and teaching talent in numerous fields.  This dynamism gives rise to numerous conferences and events.

Learn more on Québec's areas of expertise
  • QDa-soiree-reconnaissance-2017-1400x900
    Québec City Business Destination honours five business leaders

    Five business leaders in Québec City were honoured by Québec City Business Destination for their positive impact on business tourism and events.

  • QDa-peatlands-3169x1783.jpg
    Line Rochefort: A Pioneer in Protecting the World’s Peatlands

    Line Rochefort, Professor at Université Laval’s Plant Sciences Department, fell in love with peat moss when she worked in the Canadian Arctic.

  • QDA-formuleMathematique-1400x900.jpg
    International Math Conference to be held in Québec City

    Hundreds of mathematicians and researchers in number theory will be attending the 15thCanadian Number Theory Association Conference (CNTA XV).

  • QDa-ambassadeur-hatvany-ugi-emmanuel-conveney-1400x900
    The secret to winning an event bid? Think geography.

    There is one secret weapon that you may want to consider: using the powerful influence of a geography presentation. 

  • QDa-quebec-soir-ete-lumiere-1400x900
    Key steps to becoming a successful event ambassador

    Event ambassadors are experts in their fields that work with planners to organize large-scale events, including the content, marketing and logistics. 

  • QDa-ambassadeur-peter-vanrolleghem-1400x900
    Québec City: Riding the waves of innovative waste water management

    Explore Québec City's expertise in environmental technologies and how this area of expertise is having tangible impacts.

  • QDa_Iscar_entete
    ISCAR 2017: Québec City’s attracts Canadian first

    Nearly 600 participants from over 70 countries recently travelled to Québec City for the 5th International Congress of the International Society for Cultural-historical Activity Research (ISCAR). 

  • QDa_FemmeSport_PEPS_1400x900Entete
    Give your industry a jolt with a first-time event

    It takes gumption and gusto to organize an industry’s first-ever event that covers a specific topic.