ICT and digital arts

WAQ Conference in Québec City
Digital Week in Québec City

Digitally creative Québec City has information and communication technologies dialed. The city excels in digital arts, animation, special effects, multimedia, video games, and 3D, as well as software and Web development, big data, and IT services. Its highly qualified creators, entrepreneurs, and researchers know how to combine art and technology. The Québec City area has used business to drive creativity and brought the digital community together to create flagship events.

Umbrella organizations

Québec ÉPIX

Industry association that brings together businesses, individuals, and organizations that work on video games, animation, and immersive experiences


Technological incubator/accelerator that helps technology and business start-ups.

Québec Numérique

Organization that coordinates Semaine numérique de Québec, North America’s biggest digital event

Main research centres


Centre for digital imaging and interactive media


Université Laval’s big data research centre

Visit Québec International's website to learn more on Québec's ICT and digital arts industry.

Digital arts and interactive entertainment events

  • Québec City Digital Week
  • Rendez-vous IA de Québec
  • Québec City’s IA Rendez-vous
  • Cartoon Connection Canada
  • Pixel Animation and Pixel Québec
  • Digital Opportunities 2016

Discover more key industries in Québec City

  • Grand marché de Québec
    Food and nutrition
  • Québec City's electronics and optics/photonics industrie
    Electronics and optics-photonics
  • La Capitale, insurance services
    Insurance, financial services and business
  • peps, UL, Ulaval
    Green and smart building
  • QDa-sciences-vie-qc-international-1200x627
    Life sciences and health technologies

Read about Québec's digital industry

  • engineer working on a computer

    IEEE Québec: where industry meets events

    Québec City is a seat of government with leading industries, cutting-edge infrastructure, businesses, research centres, and an ecosystem that foste

  • équipe de Le Camp au travail

    Québec City prosperous partnerships in the high-tech sector

    Explore Le CAMP’s, Québec City high-tech incubator, latest partnerships, some of which are with reputed technology companies from around the world.

  • Panel at Insurtech by Québec Numérique

    Insurtech QC: Propelling the digital transformation of Canada’s insurance industry in Québec City

    Insurtech QC is a compelling example of Québec City’s booming insurance industry and technology sector. Learn more on this innovative event.

  • QDa-3D-technologies-entete.jpg

    Québec City: A pioneer in 3D research and technologies

    Québec City is renowned around the world for its visionary 3D research and development of ahead-of-the-curve 3D technologies.

  • QDa_animation-quebec-3169x1783.jpg

    Québec City: A rising star in animation

    Québec City’s burgeoning digital arts and interactive entertainment scenehas garnered international recognition.

  • QDa_semaine-numeriqc-entete.jpg

    Discover Québec City’s Digital Event of the Year

    Québec City digital event of the year, the Semaine numériQC (SNQC) is about to take the city by storm.

  • QDa-techno-1920x1200.jpg

    Québec City: A booming hub for technology entrepreneurship

    With over 500 high-tech companies that generate nearly $2 billion in sales annually, Québec City boasts a flourishing technology ecosystem.

  • Québec City Convention Centre

    IFORS 2017: Award-winning research. An award-winning event.

    IFORS 2017 is a world-renowned event held every three years. The event, which was hailed a success by all attendees, won Québec City’s Ambassadors’ Club’s 2017 Event of the Year.