Québec City like no other

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
Jean-Christophe Yelle

A Canadian destination like no other

Imagine, you’re sitting in a plenary room, listening to an expert researcher presenting his latest findings. The session is over and you rush to the riverbank to watch athletes paddle through the ice, jumping in and out of their canoe to reach the finish line. As a backdrop, a majestic building proudly sits atop a cape, while the crowd below cheers enthusiastically.

A few hours later, you’re enjoying an evening in an historical venue, surrounded by your fellow event participants. You’re eating a delightful meal, full of sumptuous flavours, a truly inspired affair. Your jaw drops when you see the violinist perform skyjacked and upside down right above your head.

This memorable event is unlike any other you have ever experienced, in a city like no other in North America. Québec City is unique in its history, but also in its joie de vivre. Québec City is like no other.

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