Green and smart construction

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Marc Robitaille

Sustainability, structural woodwork, and green technology are key features in an ever increasing number of real estate projects in the Québec City area. The materials, technologies, and professional expertise supporting the construction of low carbon footprint buildings in the region have put Québec City on the global map and created a legacy of energy efficient, economically viable buildings. It’s science serving industry, with research and training centres fine tuned to meet industry needs. 

Research centres, organizations, and businesses


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Green and smart building events

  • Woodrise 2019
  • International Scientific Conference on Hardwood Processing 2015
  • World Conference on Timber Engineering and 68th International Forest Product Society Convention 2014
  • UNEP-SBCI 2014 Annual Meeting and Symposium - Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative of the United Nations Environment Program – 2014

Discover more key industries in Québec City

  • Québec City's electronics and optics/photonics industrie
    Electronics and optics-photonics
  • QDa_cartoon-connection-canada-2015 (1)
    TIC and digital arts
  • Grand marché de Québec
    Food and nutrition
  • QDa-sciences-vie-qc-international-1200x627
    Life sciences and health technologies
  • La Capitale, insurance services
    Insurance, financial services and business

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