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How many meals does it take to fall in love with Québec City’s food? One meal is good. Two meals are delectable. Three meals are impressive. And when attendees take stock of every dish they have in Québec City’s restaurants or during their event, they’ll realize great food is the norm.

Québec City has many wow factors, but any business traveller and event participant will tell you, the yum factor takes the cake.

Known as a food capital of the world, Québec City’s culinary scene is an exclusive window into the city’s long-standing history, culture, creativity, zest for good food and fun times. For event planners, the city offers a cornucopia of restaurants to eat and features a wide range F&B partners that can cater to any group size, off-site activity and palate!

Québec City’s rich food heritage

Québecers have a tradition of shared conversations, shared fellowship and a shared experience around a good meal. This joie de vivre permeates event-goers’ dining experiences and sets the table for event attendees to network and create relationships.

Québecers are taught from a very young age to appreciate their food—whether it’s Grandma’s piping-hot tourtière or pouding chômeur to a five-star meal in a fancy restaurant to a bistro’s funky take on Québec’s legendary poutine. The Province of Québec’s culinary heritage is infused with French, British and First Nations influences; however, you can find fare that is inspired by cuisines from around the world. Québecers’ food pride and passion permeates Québec City’s psyche and the way food is prepared and enjoyed—much to the benefit of event-goers.

The tuna story

Get to know Chef Meesen !

Chef Meesen, Hôtel Château Laurier
Foodie like no other
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Venues on a mission to make your mouth water

Whether delegates are budding foodies or seasoned epicureans, Québec City’s event venues surpass themselves time and again by concocting distinctive culinary experiences. The Québec City Convention Centre, hotels like the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, and caterers like the George V banquet and catering services, are open to co-creating dishes based on any theme an event planner’s heart desires.

Chefs are particularly inclined to introducing guests to Québec’s local products and iconic dishes. Locally and sustainably caught arctic char, juniper berry hollandaise sauce, balsam fir vinaigrette and award-winning woodsy flavoured cheeses from Île-aux-Grues. Ohhh, and don’t forget the many other fascinating bounty from Québec’s boreal forest and bucolic farmland. Chez Boulay, a restaurant that specializes in boreal cuisine and located in Hôtel Manoir Victoria, is a great example.

Moreover, many of Québec City’s off-site venues offer one-of-a-kind settings for official receptions or more casual affairs. Imagine dining in a museum, a former chapel, an armoury, a castle, a river boat or even at the Restaurant Le Parlementaire in Québec’s Parliament. It’s all possible—and only in Québec City!

Restaurants to relish in

Québecers love sharing a delicious meal! That’s why you can find fine-dining restaurants, boho bistros, cozy cafés, funky fast-food joints and friendly pubs (and everything in between!) in Québec City. Interested in tasting traditional Québécois dishes? There are hangouts for that. Feeling adventurous and up for a meal that First Nations communities are known for? Check! Eager to dig into up-and-coming foodie hot spots? We’ve got you covered. Craving French food that is a copious and rich in flavour? It’s all here.

Air Canada’s enRoute magazine recently designated two of Canada’s best restaurants in Québec City. The Italian restaurant Battuto in 2017, and ARVI in 2019, where patrons can watch chefs cook, plate and serve food tableside.

Québec City’s diverse food scene delights taste buds and triggers the imagination. Ask any event-goer who has been to Québec City where the best dining can be found—and you’ll be far away from a one-note answer.

Activities to Explore

Event planners and attendees can get some serious eats thanks to the city’s F&B partners, restaurants—and a myriad of food experiences for groups. Dig in!

  • Grand marché de Québec
  • Québec City Food Tours
  • Sugar shack in Québec City
    Sugar Shack
  • Wineries
  • Le Grand Marché de Québec
    Farmers Market

Start planning!

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