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Le Bonne Entente - Autumn
Le Bonne Entente

Sustainability isn’t just for eco-tourism anymore! Convention-goers and event attendees are increasingly concerned about the environmental and social impact of the conventions, conferences and business events they attend.

The criteria for choosing a host city for a meeting or convention now include a sustainability component. However, weeding out truly sustainable hotels and venues—and certain businesses that may be prone to greenwashing can be difficult.

Québec City is a prime Canadian event destination thanks to its rich history, culture, and stunning beauty. Not only that, but the destination is actively working on its commitment to sustainability. What's more, many partner hotels in Québec City go above and beyond by offering free public transit to guests checking in for a minimum of 2 nights, further enhancing the eco-friendly experience.

We’ve put together a list of top top eco-friendly hotels in Québec City for your next meeting, convention or business event.

Alt Hôtel Québec and Hotel Le Germain Québec

The Alt Hotel Québec and Hotel Le Germain Québec, both owned by Québec hotelier family the Germain, have a range of eco-friendly initiatives that are based on 3 core pillars.

The first pillar is a proven and unwavering commitment to local sourcing, whether for the design and decorative aspects of the hotels, showcasing local artisans, using local produce, or growing food right in their backyard.

The Alt and Germain also actively participate in sustainability projects that include new construction, renovation, and design approaches to minimize the hotels’ impact on local population. Year after year, the hotels look for ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Finally, both Alt Hotel Québec and Hotel Le Germain Québec are deeply involved in the community. From sponsorships to support local events, the management and staff dedicate their time to the greater good. Employing interns, establishing partnerships with hotel schools, and collaborating with specialized employability organizations are also part of the hotel’s sustainability strategy.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

This iconic landmark in Québec City is the first historic hotel in Canada to be carbon-neutral, thanks to a partnership with Université Laval. It is a member of Tourisme durable Québec and holds the following certifications: 4 green keys (Greenkey Global), Greenleaders Silver Level, and Planet 21 Platinum Level (Accor Hotels).

The hotel has also implemented a Château Boréal program, in collaboration with Forêt Montmorency, the forest research arm of Université Laval. This program allows guests who stay for 2 days or more to decline daily housekeeping. Each time they do, the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac plants a tree in the Montmorency forest.

Along with purchasing local, organic and fair-trade, and other sustainable food products, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is a bee-friendly hotel. The hotel has installed honeybee apiaries on its roof: four beehives are home to over 70,000 bees, which produce 650 pounds of honey per year and help pollinate the plants that become the local produce people eat.

Le Bonne Entente Hotel

The devil is in the details regarding Le Bonne Entente Hotel’s environmental stewardship. Electric charging stations for EVs and hybrid vehicles for its shuttle services are just the start.

The hotel participates in the Save the Planet program to prevent unnecessary washing of towels and bed linen. Low-flow toilets in all rooms and waterless urinals in public washrooms saves water. The hotel has been able to save over 500,000 litres of water per year.

Other eco-friendly initiatives include energy-efficiency light bulbs throughout the hotel, using paper made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre, and opting for organic coffees and fair-trade wines.

Auberge Saint-Antoine

Nestled in the heart of Québec City’s Old Port, Auberge Saint-Antoine, a boutique Relais & Chateaux hotel with a renowned restaurant, is dedicated to serving exceptionally high-quality organic farm-to-fork food. The Auberge actually operates a nearby farm, and 70% of the restaurant’s produce is pesticide-free. The farm also houses beehives and cultivates varieties of food from Québec, including ancient tomatoes and older root vegetables.

Waste management is also a top priority for Auberge Saint-Antoine. Excess food creates the staff’s menus, while Nespresso capsules are revalorized as pens thanks to the brand's recycling program. Plastic waste has been significantly reduced by offering paper straws as well as micro-filtered water offered in each room to reduce up to 60,000 plastic bottles and at least 60 truck deliveries per year.

One very compelling sustainability initiative is how the Auberge repurposes used guest soap. Each tab is collected and upcycled in collaboration with Clean the World, an organization that improves the quality of life for vulnerable populations.

Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

As a vanguard in sustainability, Hôtel Château Laurier Québec has implemented, since 2009, a Sustainable Development Policy that has evolved over the years. The hotel also has formed a Green Committee; members from each sector of the hotel participate in organizing sustainability initiatives that positively impact guest experience.

Event planners can choose from several different eco-friendly packages to hold a green meeting or convention. Part of the Green Keys program, Hôtel Château Laurier Québec has a complete water, lighting and heating management program to optimize resources.

In addition to its green kitchen, use of Québec food products, hotel garden and urban beehives, the hotel prioritizes local purchasing. Donations of used furniture, surplus bedding and other fixtures and fittings that do not correspond to the hotel’s four-star standards are donated to community organizations.

While this is just an overview of what these top eco-friendly and sustainable Québec City hotels offer, event planners can rest easy knowing they are in good hands with partners caring about people and the planet!

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