Why convention-goers should extend their stays beyond their conferences in Québec City

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Ahh! The amazing perks of bleisure travel! If you are attending a conference, convention, or business meeting in Québec City have a myriad of options for you to tack on some vacation time before or after your event. What’s more: if you bring your families or loved ones to the city, you will definitely find something for everyone in their group. After all, Québec City is anything but ho-hum!

Let’s take a look at the top reasons for event attendees to extend their stays beyond the events they attend in Québec City.

A family-friendly destination

Regardless of whether you have rambunctious young children or teens who make eye rolling and sighs a sport, Québec City is brimming with activities for family vacations. Museums like the Musée de la civilisation and Musée des beaux-arts du Québec and the city’s aquarium offer diverse and engaging exhibits that are sure to thrill kids (and parents!) of all ages.

Does your family prefer the great outdoors? Apart from the Plains of Abraham, a sprawling urban park in downtown Québec City, regional and national nature reserves are just a 20-minute drive outside the downtown core. Their sports and leisure offers are adapted based on the seasons, which means whether your event is in spring, summer, fall or winter, heart-pumping (or more relaxing!) days await you and your families.

Each season in Québec City features festivals and cultural events that blend food, music, parades and street entertainment. Think Québec City’s Winter Carnival in the winter and the Festival d’été de Québec’s two-week music extravaganza from internationally renowned artists in the summer. To find out what festivals are happening during the month of your event, check out this updated list of top festivals in Québec City.

Finally, Québec City certainly does not lack in family-friendly hotels—with great amenities for both spouses and the kids as well as packages for all budgets. Even more compelling: many of these family-friendly hotels in Québec City can organize off-site activities for family members.

A romantic city with European charm

With its rich French and British architecture from bygone eras, stunning riverscapes and fortifications, cobblestone streets in Old Québec, and quaint neighbourhoods like the Petit Champlain district, Québec City has been recognized as one of the most romantic cities in the world.

The city’s main tourism area can be discovered on foot, as many attractions that pay tribute to Québec City’s unique cultural fabric and heritage are located in close proximity to one another. Romantic hotels, including Auberge Saint-Antoine, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, and Hôtel Manoir Victoria , and restaurants, such as Chez Muffy, the 1608 for cocktails, Chez Boulay, and Matto, offer intimate backdrops for couples to escape their routines, rekindle the sparks, and have some quality time for themselves. Québec City has a je-ne-sais-quoi atmosphere that is simply magical.

The greater Québec City region: A kaleidoscope of adventures

The outskirts of Québec City are definite musts for longer stays. You can take a quick train ride to bucolic Charlevoix, tour idyllic Île d’Orléans, or explore the vast green (or white!) spaces that encircle the city. Both Charlevoix and Île d’Orléans are renowned for their vineyards, micro-breweries, and agri-tourism attractions. Foodies will delight in tasting meals and products made from local ingredients as well as meeting the producers who create their delicious fare.

Interested in exploring Québec City on the water? Crosières AML offers one-day excursions along the St. Lawrence River—a body of water that carved Québec City’s maritime history through the centuries. Guests will appreciate the spectacular and rare views of Québec City, its suburbs on both shores, and even the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.  

Québec City travel deals all year-round

Businesses in Québec City’s tourism industry—from accommodations to attractions—work together to put together fantastic packages and deals throughout the year. Customized for different types of travellers and their tastes, these promotions are great to enjoy Québec City on a budget or splurge for some much-deserved R&R!

The Québec City Convention Centre takes travel affordability to a whole new level with its “Enjoy your badge” program. Event participants can take advantage of exclusive promotions with some of the Convention Centre’s preferred partners.


There are few more coveted and culturally diverse North American business travel destinations quite like Québec City. The possibilities are nearly endless!

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