Foodie like no other

Like no other destination, Québec City does food with gusto and charm! Joie de vivre meets fine dining to create a fun dining experience decidedly unique to Québec. From sensual flavours to distinctive ambiances all the way to earthy comfort foods, Québec City’s diverse culinary scene is sure to leave a lasting memory, in and out of the conference room.

The tuna story

Meet the passionate Chef Meesen !

Chef Meesen, Hôtel Château Laurier
Foodie like no other

Last fall on the night of September 13, Heinrich Meesen, chef at George V, Caterers, set to sea with his faithful acolytes Guillaume Dumas and Francis Lévesque in quest of the mighty Atlantic bluefin tuna. For seven hours they plied the waters off the Gaspé coast aboard the Sun Catcher. Twice their hooks were taken, and twice their quarry fought free. A hard business they had in store. And before long, the line stretched taut once again. The trio hove to, fighting to drag the monster to the surface. The tide of battle turned and turned again. On and on they struggled, until at last they could see the great bullet head emerging from the deeps. And then disaster. The line broke, and their finny foe was gone. They were heartbroken. Yet despite their three failures, none of them was prepared to return home empty-handed. They sailed on and as the final stroke of midnight died out across the waves, a 714-pound tuna came to call.

This is the tuna that has journeyed from sea to table, soon to be served to banquet guests at the Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury. It’s an event-industry experience you’ll only find in Québec City, where locally sourced freshness goes hand in hand with the finest in fine dining.

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