Québec City Business Destination honours five business leaders


Five business leaders in Québec City were honoured on December 1, 2016, by Québec City Business Destination for their positive impact on business tourism and number of conferences and meetings held in Québec City. This recognition evening brought together local influencers and peers from the Québec City region and honoured several attendees as being exceptional leaders. The event took place at the Québec City Convention Centre.

In 2015, Québec City Business Destination created, with the cooperation of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec, the Influential People program. Its goal was to raise awareness in Québec City’s business community about the importance of attracting major events to the region.

The winners of the 2016 Influential People awards are:

Left to right: Carl Viel, Yvon Charest, Alain Aubut, P.-Michel Bouchard et Alain Kirouac

Alain Aubut, President and CEO, Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec

For many years, Mr. Aubut has been involved in preeminent projects for the development of the Québec City region as well as his participation in Québec City Business Destination’s strategy committee. He was also a founder of the first-ever Forum international sur la croissance des entreprises, which took place in Québec City in July 2016. A second edition of this event is currently in the works. 

Carl Viel, President and CEO, Québec International

As the head of Québec International, an economic development agency and major incubator for international events and conferences, Mr. Viel has helped to organize international events in Québec City that target the region’s key industries. Mr. Viel’s contribution in local business tourism symbolizes Québec City Business Destination’s overall mission.

Alain Kirouac, Associate Deputy Minister, Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale

Mr. Kirouac has played a paramount role in welcoming large-scale events in Québec City. His role as a facilitator and influencer among various levels of government has helped to put Québec City on the international scene as a viable and appealing destination for business events, conferences and conventions—all of which generate substantial economic impacts for the region. 

Yvon Charest, President and CEO of Industrial Alliance

In addition to having cooperated several times in the development of major economic projects located throughout Québec City, Mr. Charest was also a key player in the success of the JCI World Congress, which took place in 2016. As head of Québec City’s Ambassador’s Club, he has encouraged many local business people to become involved in supporting events and finding sponsors.

P.-Michel Bouchard, President and CEO, Québec City Convention Centre

Mr. P.-Michel Bouchard, the Québec City Convention Centre President and CEO, was also recognized as a 2016 Influential Person by Québec City Business Destination. Apart from his normal mandate, Mr. Bouchard was honoured for having personally gotten involved in welcoming and financing events. He also works closely with organizers to successfully plan and carry out their conventions, conferences and meetings.

Québec City, Your Success Makes History

This year’s winners received a pin, resembling a link on a chain, to highlight their roles as important roles in attracting and organizing major international events in Québec City. Moreover, the winners were immortalized during a photo shoot at which they became living statues. This concept was a nod to Québec City Business Destination’s ad campaign, entitled “Québec City, Your Success Makes History.”

Québec City Business Destination is confident that other regional leaders will contribute, over the next few years, to the development and success of Québec City's business tourism sector.

Québec City Business Destination

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