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You can use Québec City Business Destination promotional logos. Choose one of following options while making sure it appears in its entirety and in accordance with graphic standards.

qda business destination


You need our consent if you use the logo for: 

  • sponsorship or grant applications
  • promotional items to be sold
  • fundraising activities
  • business products or packaging
  • the promotion of business products or services. 


Download our videos to showcase Québec City's unique advantages and industries.

Visit Québec City Tourism's video library to download promotional videos of the destination. 

Québec skyline
André-Olivier Lyra

In Québec City, business is always a pleasure

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Québec City like no other

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Famille Painchaud, Manège militaire de Québec
Marc-Antoine Jean

Vibrant like no other

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Bright like no other

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Chef Meesen and team, George V
Marc-Antoine Jean

Foodie like no other

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course-canot glace-ice-canoe

Spectacular like no other

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Digital and IT Mecca

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Mathieu Jadau

Perfect destination for sports events

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